Jeep CJ-3A

I am currently interested in Military Vehicles.

This is Jennifer & Christopher standing with Bob Foley.
The vehicle is a 1953 CJ-3A, painted OD and dressed up as a Korean War era M38.
This is the day I bought my first military (style) vehicle.
(photo 07/22/00)

Look at what followed me home ma!
Can we keep it?
I promise I'll take care of it, everyday.
(photo 07/22/00)

Photo Op.
What do the neighbors think?
Oh, BTW (By The Way), it came with a plow blade and hydraulics!
That's not such a big deal, any more,
even the neighbors have a plow blade!
(photo 07/22/00)

Future Military Vehicle Owner? George may inherit the CJ.
Chris has his eye on the Datsun.
Things can change!
(photo 07/22/00)

This is a view of the passenger side of the vehicle.
(photo 07/22/00)

This is a view of the driver's side rear quarter.
(photo 07/22/00)

My CJ-3A Restoration

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly found during Restoration

Finally Out Of The Garage 2018

Safety Updates For Tetanus In 2019

Here are some of the sites that I have found interesting:
(Please email me any broken links you find)

I am a member in the Military Transport Association of New Jersey (MTA).
I am also a member of the Redball Military Transport (Redball).

A very good friend of mine, a great fabricator, and the guy who got me involved in military vehicles, Brian Bancale. Brian has restored a 1943 Ford M8, Greyhound (that is what the British called it). It was used in World War II as a fast recon vehicle, it's armor offered more protection than a jeep. It served in many various missions during the war. All gave some, some gave all.
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