George Wagner's Reloading Page
My Basement Setup

Here is a view of the left hand bench. A relatively 'New To Me' Lee Reloader Press sits waiting to be installed. The installed press is a MEC 600 JR Mark V setup to reload 12 gauge shotshell. To the right of that is my drop tube station, basically for reloading black powder pistol and rifle ammunition.
This is a view of the front bench, with another shot of the drop tube station. To the right of that is the MEC 600 "JR" setup to reload 20 gauge shotshell. This was the unit my father and I used to reload many rounds of shotshell. To the right of that, just in the picture, is the Lee Turret Press set up to reload rifle cartridges.
This is another view of the front bench, with better shot of  the Lee Turret press. To the right of that is the Lee Challenger Press set up for RCBS strip priming. The RCBS system is pretty neat, it allows easier manipulation of the those really small rifle and pistol primers. My plan at the moment is to move the RCBS primer over to the Lee Reloader press and dedicate this Challenger press to pistol cartridge reloading.

To the right of this is the clothes dryer and the washer. Next to the clothes cleaning appliances is the forced hot air heating system. 

This is a full length shot of the little cubby hole I work in. The pegboard contains all the nuts, bolts, hose clamps, and other hardware which I keep the house glued together with. The benches are discarded kitchen cabinets. The shelves are full of coffee cans containing once fired brass, nuts and bolts, hardware, etc. This is an ad hoc effort, I wish I had taken the time to plan a layout. Life happens, in the mean time, while you're planning. This is quite a useable space really. I have to get a radio or CD player somewhere in here so I have more than the heater blower fan as background noise.


This page last updated 12/11/2003.